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Is your organization looking for a speaker informed in a specific aspect of law enforcement? Browse our list of members that have volunteered share their time and expertise with the community. Click view details to learn more.

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Congrats to the Erie Bureau of Police for being voted The Department of the month! We are proud to honor your efforts and commitment to your community!

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NWPCPA membership includes current and retired chiefs of police. Some members may be available to act as a mentor or advisor to chiefs of police and command staff aspiring to excellence in law enforcement. Click view details to learn more.

Welcome to the NWPCPA

Northwestern Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association

The purposes for which this Association was organized is to secure a closer official and personal relationship among police officials throughout the State of Pennsylvania; to secure unity of action in police matters; to elevate the standard of police institutions; the adoption of humane efforts in the enforcement of laws; to devise and suggest ways and means for the advancement and perfection of a uniform police system within the State of Pennsylvania; the adoption of Pension, Relief and Civil Service Laws; and the advancement along all lines pertaining to the prevention and detection of crime and the identification and treatment of prisoners.

Latest News


Progressive Philadelphia DA Challenges Tennessee v. Garner Standard

Progressive Philadelphia DA is challenging the police use of force standard to be able to try more police officers for excessive use of force.


Berwick battling shortage of police, may hire candidates as young as 19

The police chief here says the borough is accepting new officer candidates as young as 19, and will pay their way through the police academy if they haven’t already graduated.


Grove City Police Hiring

Grove City Police Department is hiring

Calendar of Events


NWPCPA September 2021 meeting

The September 2021 NWPCPA meeting will be held at Hoss's Steak & Sea House,  2432 PA-257, Cranberry, PA 16319. The Executive Board will meet

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