Volunteer Mentors

Modern day policing can be a daunting task. New chiefs of police and other command staff officers often find it difficult to collect the esoteric knowledge inherent to the positions or just need to talk to someone for advice or feedback.

The Northwestern Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association consists of current and retired chiefs of police from fourteen counties located in northwestern Pennsylvania. Members possess many years of expertise in the administration of police agencies as well as esoteric knowledge in police/community relations, SWAT, computer crime, child abuse investigation, drug investigation, firearms, terrorism, work place violence, domestic violence, and more.

Members listed here are willing to assist chiefs of police and other command staff that aspire to excellence in law enforcement by acting as mentors or advisors just for the asking. 

Volunteer Mentors

Larry J. Dombrowski

Retired Chief County Detective at the Erie County District Attorney's Office.

Masters in Administration of Justice, BA in Criminal Justice and AS in Business Administration.
Adjunct professor at Gannon and Mercyhurst Universities.